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Make sure your assets are handled properly and prevent disputes over your legacy after you're

gone. Your family depends on you and you can depend on the experienced attorneys at McNees,

Autenreith, Rackley & Walker to know your wishes will be carried out properly. From wills to

powers of attorney to medical powers of attorney / living wills, we'll personally meet with and

advise you on the effective means of planning and protecting your estate.

Estate law in Beaver, PA

An estate plan does not have to be complicated. The typical documents that most people need

for their estate plan include a will, power of attorney, and medical power of attorney / living will.

Estate Planning

Young and old it is important to have a will where you explain how you want your assets

distributed at death, who you want to be responsible to settle your estate (your personal

representative), and who you want to care for your minor children (guardian) if you meet an

untimely death.


We will start by meeting with you and gathering information about your family, assets, and any

possible tax issues. During our discussions we'll recommend how you want your belongings

and property distributed. We' ll explain the advantages of having a will that fully documents

your final requests.


A power of attorney is a document that appoints a named person (your agent) to make personal

and financial decisions for you while you are alive. The power of attorney can be effective

immediately or only in the event of disability or incapacity. The authority of an agent under a

power of attorney terminates upon death. Without a power of attorney it might be necessary to

become involved in a lengthy and expensive court proceeding to have a guardian appointed.

The medical power of attorney / living will appoints a medical health care decision maker when

you can no longer make your own health care decisions. It also includes instructions explaining

your wishes for end of life care.

Powers of Attorney and

Medical Powers of Attorney / Living Wills

When you die with or without a will, your estate must be settled through a court probate process

to insure proper distribution of your assets to your loved ones. We assist the personal

representative (either executor or administrator) of your estate to gather your assets, pay your

debts, and distribute the assets as you have specified. We provide all services to completely

administer and settle your estate.

Estate Settlement

If you die with a trust, Pennsylvania law requires that the trust be settled in a manner similar to

the settlement of an estate. We are able to assist your successor trustee properly settle the trust.

Trust Settlement

Medical Powers of Attorney